We created the Online Ordering your guests are hungry for.

Equal parts attention to detail & customer service.

Local ingredients only - bake for 4 years.


Online ordering with a human touch. 


MAVN Connector - A straightforward device that means business.

We spent years streamlining online ordering, finding ways to bypass the point of sale integrations that hold restaurants back with aging technology and red tape.

Designed to be reliable so you can focus on your business, not your gadgets, the MAVN Connector gets right to the point and delivers orders. It liberates your staff from the phone and fax orders that slow you down.

The MAVN Connector shifts online ordering to an experience that’s a delight for your customers and requires zero staff training.

Let us show you how easy online ordering can be.

Our values





Client focus

No outsourcing

Build products you're proud of






  • Optimized for your smartphone, tablet, and the web


  • sophisticated advanced order scheduling

  • expectation management algorithms

For everyone from a new food truck to a high volume chain, MAVN is a highly scalable platform for any restaurant.

MAVN works beautifully alongside any Point of Sale (POS) with virtually all credit card processors. Each site is personally customized by an assigned MAVN account manager to match your restaurant’s specific branding. All menus are crafted by customization experts to allow a multitude of modifiers while remaining clean and intuitive. Give your customers the option to pay online or allow payment at the store.  Do away with mandatory account registration and watch your online order sales increase by 200%. Advanced order scheduling works with our expectation management algorithms ensuring that orders are received just in time, ensuring food is hot the moment the customers walk in the door. Orders arrive via the MAVN Connector in real time - not by a fax, email or a Robocall like other online ordering companies.

We’re proud of a mobile experience that performs with equal elegance on Android, iOS and Windows Phone and we have the data to back it up - 65% of our users are on mobile devices. 


Here’s a fun fact about how reliable your technology is: At [one location] we had 0.01Mbit upload speed but the connector was still online and I sent a test order to prove it was functioning. Nothing else in the building worked, of course. Very impressive. Perhaps scientists in Antarctica can use these connectors as a communications platform.
— Timothy Lioi, Thundercloud Subs


We pride ourselves on reasonable, straightforward pricing.

$50 a month. 25¢ an order. 

Purchase a MAVN Connector, backed by our buy-back guarantee, and you're ready to go.

You choose if you'd like the transaction fee passed along to your guests. Our data show they don't mind.

Concerned your restaurant might need something new or unusual? Give us a shout and we'll see to it that an affordable solution is found for you. 


We can't wait to tell you more.

Reach out today and one of our real live humans will be in touch soon!

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