We created the Online Ordering your guests are hungry for.

Equal parts attention to detail & customer service.

Local ingredients only - bake for 4 years.


Online ordering with a human touch. 

We spent a great deal of time over the past year trying to figure out how to deliver online ordering without most of the friction typically involved with a POS integration.  We spent years doing integrations only to be held back by aging technology.  

MAVN Connector - simpler yet more powerful

MAVN Connector is an astoundingly simple device that delivers orders to your business lightning fast with rock solid reliability while allowing us to focus more on the customer experience.  The result of this shift is an online ordering experience that's a delight for your customers to use and that requires zero staff training.  Our solution is one that will garner praise from your customers and liberates your staff from phone orders that slow you down.  MAVN is ready to show you just how easy online ordering can be.

Our values

Experience Matters

Privacy Matters


Plug it in and go.

Client dedication

No outsourcing

Build only what you would want to use.

Such a long list of features

That we ran out of room to list them

Eliminate the need to put customers on hold 

Sophisticated Delivery Tool 

Text Message Notifications 

Email Notifications 

Group Orders 

86 Items with ease 

Custom Reporting 

Supports Google Analytics 

Daily Special 

Flexible item and modifier management 

Clean user interface 

Works on any platform 

Instant Order Delivery 

Plug and play setup

We can't wait to tell you more.

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