Does MAVN integrate with my credit card processor?

MAVN firmly believes in allowing you to use your existing credit card processor.  We have partnerships with Heartland, Mercury Payment Systems, Vantiv, First Data, WorldPay, and Braintree to name a few.


Does MAVN take a cut of my sales?

Absolutely not. MAVN believes in an affordable monthly rate per location and a flat quarter per transaction regardless of order size.


How long does it take to get my MAVN site set up?

MAVN delivers fully functional online ordering complete with all the modifiers and deep branding in an average of just 10 days.


How is your approach better than having an App?

Apps create a barrier between you and your first order.  Every phone ships with a browser that can place an online order without navigating an app store or entering a password.  We put a great deal of attention to our mobile web experience rather than it being an afterthought.


What payment options do customers have?

Your online ordering will be most successful when you allow customers to place an order without requiring prepayment.  However, settings are available to force payment. With MAVN you can also require online payment for orders over any specified dollar amount.


Does MAVN integrate with Point of Sale (POS) systems?

The MAVN Connector is a universal solution to circumvent costly point of sale integrations.  If you believe the Connector isn’t right for your business we can facilitate integrations with Micros Simphony, Clover, Focus, Positouch and RPower.  Some platforms may require additional modules to communicate with MAVN. The costs for those modules will vary by system dealer or distributor.


Can MAVN be integrated with my website?

MAVN is a high quality online ordering experience blended seamlessly with your website.  Our sites are are designed to reflect your unique presence while abiding by best practices that  ensure your site looks just as sharp on your smartphone or tablet as it does on your desktop.  We work with your web developer or agency to ensure that a clear MAVN link is integrated right into your website.


How are price changes handled?

You will be assigned an account manager who will respond to all menu tweaks in a timely manner.  You’ll also have full access to our dashboard to perform changes on a self-serve basis.  Editing your MAVN menu is easier than using Microsoft Word.


What is the MAVN buyback guarantee?

If after 90 days you find that online ordering isn't right for your business we will buy back our MAVN Connector hardware at 50% of the initial cost.  



Anything we missed? Reach out today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!